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    High Pressure Valves

    High pressure valve that can be used up to a maximum pressure of ~150,000 psi

    Special Valve High Pressure Pipe Needle Valve - Low Pressure(~ 3,000psi)

    Product Name High Pressure Pipe Needle Valve
    Max Pressure Low Pressure(~ 3,000psi)
    Body Type Straight, Angle Type
    Pipe size 15A, 25A.
    Features Prevents galling due to the no-rotation stem
    Features Metal to Metal Sealing Type
    Features Using stainless steel 316 cold material for excellent corrosion resistant



    Detail view
    Special ValveWellhead Gauge Valve . Bleed Valve . Double Block and Bleed Valve . High Temperature Valve

    • pipe needle valve straight
    • 2Way Straight Type
      3,000 psi / 207 bar / 210 kgf/cm2
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    • pipe needle valve angle
    • 2Way Angle Type
      3,000 psi / 207 bar / 210 kgf/cm2
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    Needle valve is a hand-operated valve to control the flux of oil or gas according to the degree by which the stem is blocking the passage of oil or gas, or it can be used to open or close the flow of oil or gas. Needle valve is remarkably safe and is highly resistant to corrosion because it was designed and manufactured by taking into account the features of oil and gas and used pressure and at different temperatures. The life of this product has been lengthened by preventing the stem’s galling as much as possible. This product has four body types; straight, angle, 3way/1on pressure, and 3way/2on pressure. You can use this product according to desired options by means of pressure and port size.
    FeaturesWe will guide you through the product’s features and benefits.
    ico_dot.gif Prevents galling due to the no-rotation stem.
    ico_dot.gif Packing designed for reliable sealing.
    ico_dot.gif Metal to Metal Sealing Type
    ico_dot.gif Vee' or 'Regulating' stem for flow control and shut-off.
    ico_dot.gif Welding type.
    ico_dot.gif Max working pressure : 3,000psi.
    ico_dot.gif Pipe size : 15A, 25A.
    ico_dot.gif A valve using Stainless Steel 316 cold material for excellent corrosion resistant..
    ico_dot.gif 2-pattern body type. (Straight type, Angle type).
    SpecificationWe will guide you through the model name, specifications, and dimensions for each product.
    ico_dot.gif As all sizes are for reference, they can be changed without any notification.
    ico_dot.gif Please contact us for details or send to online inquiry, we will give you respond as soon as possible.
    ApplicationCheck out the products applied in various fields.
    ico_dot.gif High pressure fluid handling components for the chemical, petrol chemical, water-jet, research and oil and gas industries.
    ico_dot.gif As our products are divied into pressures of 5500~150000psi, body type and port size you can use them according to the specifications which you want to use.
    ico_dot.gif Our products generally are produced with stainless steel materials, but they can be manufactured with other materials on demand so that various fluids and gases can be used.
       (STS316, HC-276, INC600, INC700, Ti, Ni 등) ※ Please inquire with us about special materials apart from the above-mentioned materials, such as STS316, HC-276, Inconel, Titanium, Nickel.

    Hiflux High-temperature and high-pressure products Chemical oil refining Water jet Oil gas industry Application to various research fields
    NumberingWe will guide you through product classification and ordering options.
    • PNV
    • 03
    • V
    • S
    • 15
    • -
    • S
    • ① Product Value
      NV : Needle Valve
      PNV : Pipe Needle Valve
      CV : Check Valve
      BV : Ball Valve
      AOV : Air Operated Valve
      RV : Relief Valve
      SH : Safety Head
      CON : Control Valve
      HV : High Temperature Valve
      GV : Wellhead Gauge Valve
      BLV : Bleed Valve
      DBBV : Double Block and Bleed Valve
    • ② Pressure
      03 : 3,000psi
      07 : 7,500psi
      15 : 15,000psi
      20 : 20,000psi
      30 : 30,000psi
      60 : 60,000psi
      100 : 100,000psi
      150 : 150,000psi
      N : NPT
      P : PT
    • ③ Type of Components
      Needle Valve
      - V : Vee Stem
      - R : Regulating Stem
      Check Valve
      - O : O-Ring Type
      - B : Ball Type
      Ball Valve
      - 03 : Orifice 4.8mm
      - 05 : Orifice 8mm
      Control Valve
      Air Operated Valve
      - O : Normal-Open Type
      - C : Normal-Closed Type
      Relief Valve
      - FS : Factory Set
      - FA : Field Adjustable
      - PP : Proportional Type
    • ④ 배관(Pipe) 사이즈
      15 : 15A
      25 : 25A
    • ⑤ Options
      Needle Valve
      Pipe Needle Valve
      Control Valve
      Air Operated Valve
      High Temperature Valve
      - S : Straight Type
      - A : Angle Type
      - O : 3way/1on Type
      - T : 3way/2on Type
      - D : 3way 2stem Type
      Ball Valve
      - 20-90 : 2way
      - 3-180 : 3way Switching
      - 3-90 : 3way Diverting
      Relief Valve
      Field Adjustable
      - 1 : 1 Inlet
      - 2 : 2 Inlet
      Proportional Type
      - N : NPT Inlet port


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