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    We constantly research for technology development and quality improvement.

    HIFLUX R&D Center

    Hiflux R&D Center make effort to achieve technological innovation through constant research and development.

    • Localization of core technologies in the ultra-high pressure industry
      and securing of prior technologies to lay the foundation for industrial development.

      We are a leading company in this field with excellent technologies and expertise.

      We are working on the domestic production of core technologies and the development of new markets, and we are working to continuously improve the performance of our products.

      We have repeatedly innovated and raised our quality of needle valve and check valve to the world’s best level, with the idea that only technological innovation can satisfy customers. In order to explore new markets, we developed air operated valve, low/high-pressure regulator, back pressure regulator, fitting and accessories.

      Our products are used in facilities in various industries.
      Hiflux R&D Center will become a global leader in the ultra-high pressure field through continuous R&D and technology investment.