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    Thread Lubricant Oil Based Thread Lubricant - Blue Lube

    Product Name Oil Based Thread Lubricant
    Features Special grease for lifetime lubrication
    Features Resists Galling
    Features Resists water washout based on oil (Excellent resistance to water and media).
    Features Keep low torque when a screw is assembled
    Features Good anti-wear property
    Features Resistant to Oxidation and Corrosion



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    Oil Based Thread Lubricant (BLUE LUBE)Special grease for long-term lubrication mixed with oil-based PTFE

    • Oil Based Thread Lubricant
    • Oil Based Thread Lubricant
      Blue Lube Tube Type 59㎤ / FLUX-BL-A1
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    • Oil Based Thread Lubricant
    • Oil Based Thread Lubricant
      Blue Lube Can Type 450g / FLUX-BL-A2
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    Blue Lube is special lubricant with oil and PTFE.
    he solid lubricant contained in Blue Lube contribute to particularly low friction values and a high wear protection when screws & bolts are released and fastened. They should be tightened and released without much effort and definitely without damage to the screws, nuts or mating threads. Blue Lube can keep lubrication performance under the humidity and water conditions. It is resistant to oxidation and corrosion.

    Application : Use on stainless steel, steel, titanium, aluminum, and nickel-based alloys.
    Warning - It is difficult to apply halogen, freon, nitrogen dioxide, strong acid and strong base.
    FeaturesWe will guide you through the model name, specifications, and dimensions for each product.
    ico_dot.gif Special grease for lifetime lubrication.
    ico_dot.gif Resists Galling.
    ico_dot.gif Resists water washout based on oil (Excellent resistance to water and media)..
    ico_dot.gif Keep low torque when a screw is assembled.
    ico_dot.gif Good anti-wear property.
    ico_dot.gif Resistant to Oxidation and Corrosion.
    ico_dot.gif Service Temperature : -35 to 204​℃​.
    ico_dot.gif Contains PTFE.
    CompositionWe will guide you through the composition of the product.
    Oil Based Thread Lubricant - Blue Lube / Blue Goop
    possible to replace Blue Goop.

    Oil Based Thread Lubricant - Blue Lube / Blue Goop
    A basic toothbrush is included per product.
    ApplicationCheck out the products applied in various fields.
    ico_dot.gif High pressure fluid handling components for the chemical, petrol chemical, water-jet, research and oil and gas industries.
    ico_dot.gif As our products are divied into pressures of 5500~150000psi, body type and port size you can use them according to the specifications which you want to use.
    ico_dot.gif Our products generally are produced with stainless steel materials, but they can be manufactured with other materials on demand so that various fluids and gases can be used
       Please inquire with us about special materials apart from the above-mentioned materials, such as STS316, HC-276, Inconel, Titanium, Nickel.

    High-temperature and high-pressure products Chemical oil refining Water jet Oil gas industry Application to various research fields


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